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Turbokolor is a famous European brand which identifies with the street culture. Our main inspiration is the city, art, music and skateboarding. Turbokolor is the classic urban style, elevated to the level of fashion. It can be called streetwear - fashion of the streets or whatever you want. Our goal is to design comfortable, good looking clothes which you will feel comfortable in. Our passion is to create clothing which will accentuate your body figure or the other way round – one that will make you a different person, like a chameleon, after a whole day of wearing a suit. Turbokolor is the classic style enriched with madness. We experiment with styles – we cut, sew, discuss and fight over every project. We mix elegance, fashion in a broad sense and everyday functionality. You can ride your skateboard at a skate park in Turbokolor clothes, deliver  packages, drink beer and even buy flowers for your mum. Turbokolor collections are designed by the company’s creator - a designer and an artist living in Warsaw - Paweł Kozłowski-Swanski. Turbokolor is the company created out of sheer enthusiasm, love and inspirations from childhood and everyday life.
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