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Can I make an appointment with courier for a specific time?
Unfortunately, we have no influence on the hours of delivery. If you spend most of the day at work, we can offer delivery of the products to your business address (in such case please include your name and your companys address). Couriers in most situations can be flexible and if they will not find anyone at home, they may contact you via you phone.

How can I get my order if courier will not find me at home?
In such situation courier will try to contact you during three consecutive days. If you noticed that a UPS courier visited you during your absence, you can always use the UPS Hotline (number for each country can be found on www.ups.com ). After 3 business days package will be returned to us.

What are the costs of the shipment for my country?
In order to check costs of shipment for your country please visit Shipping & Delivery section of our website. We ship only to EU countries (except Cyprus, Malta and Croatia).

Is it truth that we are selling products only via internet, or can I collect my order personally?
We are an internet store and we are selling our products only via internet. It means that personal collection of goods is not possible.

What should I do, if I will receive a damaged package?
The courier has to deliver your order without any damage. Couriers will ask the client for signing a delivery reciept. After that, the client can open the package and check it's content. If content of the package is damaged, the client should, in the presence of the courier, prepare a claim, which will be needed for further investigation.
All shipments in our warehouse are packed and checked by two people, mutually controlling themselves. The Shipment is wrapped in a tape with a company's logo. In a situation where the consignment is bearing marks of the interference of others (damaged tape or packaging), the buyer can refuse to accept his order. Buyer should inform the store's employees about this situation.
With each order we are sending an invoice to our customers, which is a proof of purchase. Additionally, some products may have a manual and/or warranty card.

How would I know when will I receive my shipment?
We ship our products worldwide and ensure quick delivery time, guarantees an insurance of the goods and a high quality of service. We mosly send packages via UPS but in certain situations (small package) we will send them by post. At the time of delivery consists of:

- prepare your orders and shipping: max. 48 hours
- time of delivery by courier: 48 hours

For all orders from non EU countries we use postal services for sending the goods. The delivery time in this cases can takes up from 5 up to 14 working days. We can also send your order to your holiday destination if you like!
After sending out your order, you will receive an e-mail with the tracking number. Sometimes tracking information won't be available. This may be due to the timing of tracking-database updates by the carrier or the sophistication of a particular carrier's tracking system. Some shipping methods, such as Standard International, are not trackable.
If you don't see any tracking data for your shipment, and the estimated delivery date has not yet passed, your package should still arrive on time.

Can I change the consignment address to a different one than specified by me, during registration?
By placing an order, system automatically reads the address directly from your account, where your package will be sent. If you want to order to a different address, you can change the data in the second step of the order or contact us after making your order to change it manually by one of our coworker.

What documents will I receive with ordered goods?
For each item shipped, we issue an invoice which is a proof of purchase. In addition, products that require it, contain instructions and warranty card.

How to find out at what stage is my order?
By logging into your account, you can see what is happening with your order at any time.



How can I pay for the products purchased in SUPER-SHOP?
When you are buying in SUPER-SHOP, you can choose one of 3 options:

- Bank transfer

- Credit card

- Cash on delivery - COD is only available for shipments to Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

I would like to change the data on the invoice I received, which are wrongly typed. What can I do to receive a revised invoice?
Incorrectly issued invoice must be returned to us along with relevant data. We will immediately send a revised invoice.

Are prices listed on web site are current and final?
Information on pages of SUPER-SHOP, regarding availability of products and their prices are updated daily. However, according to the law products presented on this website are solely their PRESENTATION and are only an invitation to submit bids. We reserve the right to change the price specified on the website. It is also possible to negotiate prices. Please contact us via e-mail or telephone.

Is it possible to pay off the price of ordered goods by installments?
Unfortunately, it is not possible.


Order Completion

Do I have to create a SUPER-SHOP account to buy goods?
In order to buy in SUPER-SHOP, you will have to register and create a personal account. You can do it before ordering, by clicking on "Registration" link, which can be found at the top of the main web site. If you would like to buy without creating an account, you will be asked for registration during the shopping process.

What is the registration in SUPER-SHOP?
The registration involves filling out a short form, where you have to place your personal data. This information are needed to complete your order. After registration, you will become an owner of your personal account where, for example, you can check history of your previous purchases. In order to log into your account, you will need your registered username and password.

What do I get by registering in SUPER-SHOP?
Registering in SUPER-SHOP automatically sets up account, to which access has only its owner. With your own account, you can:
- buy products,
- see the status of your order,
- you can view the history of all your purchases,
-edit personal data such as the delivery address.

I have ordered two things, but separately. Will I get them in one package, or will I have to pay two times for the shipment?
By ordering a few products in separate orders, you can count on the vigilance of our employees and the total shipment. However to do so, the contract must be sent from the same account. It is best to contact us and warn us about such situation, or write about it in the orders comment.

By mistake I have ordered products I never wanted to buy. What should I do?
You can cancell your orders withing your account. Just log in and click the "DELETE" button next to the ordered products. You can also contact our staff at : info@super-shop.com, or by calling us at this phone number: +48 12 635 98 61.

Do I have to confirm every order?
Usually your payment or confirming your order by e-mail is sufficient (you will receive an E-Mail after placing an order) to prepare and send out your order.

How can I see or try products in SUPER-SHOP?
We have done everything to present our products accurately. Each product is being shot in a several scenes with a very high resolution. Each image can be enlarged by clicking on it. We are doing our best to accurately describe every product. Our clients can also found sizing charts to find the best size. If you have any doubts or questions you can always contact our support by e-mail or telephone: info@super-shop.com or +48 12 635 98 61. If a product doesn't suit you - you can always send it back.


Returns, complains

Is there a possibility to return the goods without giving a reason?
If ordered product, will not suit you, according to EU consumer law, you can resign from purchasing order without giving a reason, within 30 days from the day from receiving your package. We'll refund the costs of the product and shipping costs.

How to take care of purchased shoes? What kind of damage is covered by warranty?
See: "Principles for using shoes"

I have not received the warranty card with ordered product. Does this mean that the goods are not subject to complaint?
If a product did not have the warranty card, to claim return of the goods, just an invoice is sufficient (proof or purchase). The warranty period, depending on the product, is two years.