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BIRKENSTOCK's success is rooted in its dedication to the art of footwear, inspired by orthopaedic solutions. Over the centuries, it has managed to amass a wealth of experience, which has been passed on to subsequent generations, and which has been cultivated and successively deepened. As early as 1774, Johan Adam Birkenstock was recorded in the church book of Hesse (Germany) as the local shoemaker. In 1896, Konrad Birkenstock began producing and selling elastic insoles. Then, in order to meet growing demand, in 1925 the family firm Birkenstock acquired its first large factory. From 1932 to 1948, the steadily growing company, under the guidance of Karl Birkenstock, conducted training courses for the shoe industry and, in collaboration together with a group of doctors, develops the first orthopaedic insoles, The Madrid model is the basis of today's comfortable orthopaedic footwear. In later years, the brand introduced environmentally friendly adhesives and balanced its energy policy, reducing energy consumption by 90%. To this day, the Birkenstock brand creates new lines based on four leitmotifs that perfectly complement the essence of the brand, these are: healthy living and healthy sleep, healthy working environment, healthy feet and gait, and a healthy attitude to life.