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Bataleon Snowboards was established in 2000 in the Netherlands by a 44-year-old biophysicist Jorgen Karlsen. Jorgen, as a highly intelligent individual, fell in love in snowboarding and was studying snowboard riding and the board’s behaviour at different speeds for many years. This is how the 3BT (triple base technology) concept came to life. Despite many efforts, none of the big companies believed in the success of this technology. After a few months of searching Jorgen found three professional snowboarders who were very enthusiastic about 3BT and decided to create a unique snowboard together. 3BT makes the turn initiation much easier, the board behaves better at higher speeds, and the ride itself resembles a boat floating in a sea. All boards from Bataleon Snowboards are manufactured in Austria with unique graphics and special care for details, and Jorgen still studies snowboarding and constantly improves already ingenious 3BT technology.