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From the very beginning Dragon was an independent brand of goggles and glasses, and its target group are always young people who prefer active lifestyle and who are looking for quality, stylish and functional clothes. This mission today is the main driving force behind the Dragon and the vast extent it has contributed to its success. The company's founder Will Howard, started his business in 1993, induced by a passion for surfing, snowboarding and competitive cycling. Enthusiasm and experience resulted in the creation of the first glasses, which are still the flagship product for Dragon. Initially, the sale included only local sports shops, but the quality and functionality of Dragon brand products quickly gained distributors' recognition and also enabled the company's expansion into the Hawaii and Florida, and later also on international markets. The company's expansion allowed a development, complementation, and a cooperation with several well-known riders such as Jamie Lynn and Chris Roach. At the moment, the Dragon is one of the leading manufacturers of snowboard goggles.