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HOKA is a manufacturer of specialised running shoes, popular especially among long-distance runners. Among them, it is one of the fastest-growing brands in terms of sales worldwide. However, it is also valued among amateurs, just starting their adventure with running. The distinctive feature of the shoe is its unusual construction, associated with the use of an unusually thick foam sole, which translates into maximum cushioning. Other typical Hoka features include a boat-shaped design, low foot placement in the shoe frame, minimal weight, and rich colours. The brand was founded in France in 2009 and since then has been steadily conquering new markets. Looking for simple solutions, Hoka designers came to the conclusion that only radical solutions are able to revolutionise the world of cross-country running. When creating new shoe models, they focused not only on running, looking for inspiration in almost every extreme sport. Thanks to this, they managed to create shoes that quickly became number one among runners from all over the world. Currently, the company has moved to California, where the best technologists in cooperation with designers make sure that Hoka products stand out both in terms of quality and unique design. The most popular models include: Speedgoat, Clifton Edge and Carbon X-SPE. You will find shoes for climbing, cross-country running and trekking. Without a doubt, these are products for both extreme thrill seekers and streetwear fans - they fit perfectly into every outdoor style.