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Stussy is a brand established in the early 80s by Shawn Stussy. Its roots reach back to the Californian surfer style, which is well reflected by one of the slogans from their advertising campaign: “She Was Born In California". With time, under the inspiration of reggae, hip hop, DJs and skateboarding, the Stussy brand developed into a brand with a general streetwear character. The Stussy logo was created by Shawn who, in this way, would put his signature on the hand-made surfboards he created. With time, Shawn began to put the logo also on shirts, shorts and caps which he sold from a car by Laguna Beach. Shawn Stussy began the cooperation with designers from the world capitals of fashion, such as New York, London or Tokio, which was why he achieved global fame. Today, the Stussy company also offers a collection for girls and a whole range of products in the 80s and early 90s youth fashion style. From T-shirts and comfortable hoodies, through stylish jackets and caps, to signet rings and sunglasses. The enthusiasts of the so-called street fashion surely know the Stussy brand well, as the company’s designs were fancied by Ciara, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Chris Brown and many popular bloggers.