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RVCA is a brand that was created by an individualist and visionary - PM Tenore. From the very beginning all PM's activities were aimed at creating a brand that would unite different subcultures such as; skate, surf and combat sports lovers from all over the world. RVCA is dedicated to people looking for originality and classic designs. RVCA is currently supporting artists all over the world through the ANP - artist network program, by donating part of the funds from the sales of the collection. RVCA has sponsored world-class skaters, surfers, MMA and BJJ athletes and continues its commitment to supporting each of these communities. The brand has had numerous collaborations with Steve Aoki, Toy Machine, Baker Skateboards, among others. If you are interested in original RVCA sweatshirts, RVCA t-shirts, RVCA jackets and many other clothes from the brand, you have come to the right shop.