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Koka is a brand for people who take life without compromise and have an idea for themselves. We don’t support, promote or popularize drugs but if your life is equally intense as the effects of taking cocaine – our clothes are just for you. If you produce music and you are familiar with the saying “Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'roll”, Koka is for you. If you skateboard, surf, do extreme sports or you are just a hardcore party-goer, Koka is also for you. If you follow your own path, you don’t care about commonly accepted social norms and you want to make the most out of your life, Koka has the best clothes for you. Koka - Always Good Stuff. The owner of the Koka brand is Pezet - in 2011 he was rated at the top of the  30 best Polish rappers list by Machina magazine. Pezet is also the owner the Koka Beats music studio. Koka clothing can be found only in the best hip-hop shops.
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