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Who doesn't love a weekend trip out of town? - that's who. This is the assumption made by the creators of Doughnut backpacks. A relatively young brand, born in 2007. It all started when two students met at a university in Hong Kong. At the beginning it was just a local project and production of backpacks for friends and colleagues. However, as time passed, the brand grew through word of mouth. Doughnut backpacks combine fashion and functionality with elements of so-called "mountain fashion". It is also cool that the backpacks are designed with great attention to detail, and there are also models made of durable Cordura material. Fashionable and robust models for every occasion. Lovers of good style will be delighted with the variety of colours, high quality materials and practical solutions - that's Doughnut. The women's Macaroon model deserves a special mention as it was designed to stand up to the leader, Kanken, and we have to admit that it fights bravely. At the very end we would like to add that all backpacks are handmade.