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Diamante Wear - new sweatshirts, T-shirts, caps and fanny packs collections! Diamante Wear is a clothing brand inspired by life itself. This is a brand for unique people who are not ashamed of their world views and who lead a particular type of lifestyle (often disdained by others). The Diamante company is characterized by unique designs and best materials, and all their products are manufactured in Poland. The company was registered in Konin in 2009 and already has over 120 thousand fans on Facebook. Young people create streetwear, good quality clothes for other young people,  with style you find only in the best hip-hop shops. Diamante Wear draws inspiration from hip-hop music and works with the leading representatives of this genre. Artists cooperating with this brand are Bonson, Tede, Wdowa, Zeus, Miuosh, Solar/Białas, Kajman, Młody M, Guova, Golin, Rover, Justyna Kuśmierczyk, Bob One, VNM, RR Brygada, Dondi, TOMB, Buczer, Szuwar, Bezczel, TuszNaRękach, Haju, Shot, Człowień and Jot. The Diamante Wear brand offers three different apparel collections: Diamante Heroes, LDT50 and Melanż!
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