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“Tabasko is a clothing brand, which we created with the same passion which we’ve been creating music for many years with. As with all things in our lives, our collections are created out of great passion for and deep inspiration from hip-hop music. We personally choose all the designs which appear on our T-shirts, unique hoodies and stylish caps. We cooperate with people whom we share passions with and who feel the same way we do. We release short collections of clothes and each one is a class on its own and tells a new story. O.S.T.R. and Kochan” Tabasko is a Polish brand established by two rappers, O.S.T.R. and Kochan, who also form a rap collective under the same name. A mandatory item in every aspiring hip-hop shop. Everyone wants to be the first to have a new collection by Tabasko!