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RipNDip is a brand that was founded by Ryan O'Connor in 2009 in Orlando, Florida. The brand is currently headquartered in the city of Los Angeles right next to the SUPREME shop. In 2006, during a skateboarding camp, Ryan and his friends started drawing a funny cat on their tops - and so Lord Nermal was born. Not much later, other kids picked up on the idea and the white cat in funny positions started appearing not only at skateparks in the US, but also in Europe. Originality of the Rip N Dip brand. The RipNDip brand stands out for something that is very rare nowadays, namely honesty. The people behind the brand still have as much fun designing unusual clothing as they did when they started. RipNDip means original products with twisted graphics, an unusual approach to fashion and the ever-present Lord Nermal! So check out the unique RipNDip t-shirts, baseball caps or decks that will highlight your unique style.