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Prosto Wear is the urban brand of clothing, coming from the very heart of Europe. "Straight Slavic Flavour. We are Slavic as these are our roots. We don’t pretend to be someone else. We started in 1999 and we are not planning to stop...” The brand Prosto Wear includes four ranges, i.e. Elegant, Classic, Label and Sport. Among things they produce there are: printed T-shirts, winter hats, 5 panel caps, hoodies, sports underwear, stylish jackets and accessories, all related to the hip-hop culture. The Prosto company was established in Warsaw by the initiative of Wojciech “Sokół” Sosnowski and was initially a record label connected to the hip-hop music world. Until 2013 the company had released recordings of many bands and performers, such as: WWO, Zipera, TPWC, Hemp Gru, Jędker, Fundacja 1, Dynam, EastWest Rockers, Fu, Pezet, Juras and Wigor, Małolat and Ajron, Soundkail, THS Klika, HiFi Banda, VNM, DwaZera, Brahu, Pokój z Widokiem na Wojnę, Diox and The Returners, Endefis, Hades, KaeN, Parzel and Siwers, KęKę, Polski Mistrzowski Manewr, RaggaBangg, Ras Luta and ZIP Skład.