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Majesty is a truly independent freeskiing brand created to combine cutting-edge technology solutions used in ski production with advanced graphical designing. Since the beginning we had a vision of skis which will change the face of freeskiing. We didn’t shy away from radical solutions and visionary ideas supported by the highest quality of ski manufacturing. The cutting-edge technology and the best materials used in ski production guarantee the highest quality of our products. Our skis are tested on the slope by world class professional skiers and instructors. We pay particular attention to the finish of our products. Our equipment allows you to improve your ride in any terrain conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are riding down the icy slopes or urban railings - Majesty is the best choice! The Majesty brand is involved in the Skis4Trees environmental initiative and such projects as 2D Hybrid Technology, Tech Conspiracy. At the heart of what we do lies the idea of combining sport and art - it manifests itself in the form of mutual transcending of functional design, cutting-edge technology and sport results.
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