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Grizzly Grip was created in a garage of a professional skater Torey Pudwill. Torey established Grizzly when he was a teenager and the initial inspiration in designing the logo was a pastry mould. At first, for Pudwill and his neighbourhood friends, designing was a form of entertainment but in 2010 the Grizzly brand made its official appearance on the market. In August 2012, Grizzly Griptape became a part of Diamond Supply Company - the decision was made during a meeting of Torey Pudwill and Nick Diamond at a concert. Since March 2013 the company also produces skateboard clothing and accessories. Moreover, Grizzly Grip has one of the most unique skateboard teams in history, with such stars as Shane O'Neill, Paul Rodriguez, Ryan Sheckler, Chris Roberts, Tony Manfre and Rob Dyrdek on board! At present, grips from Grizzly are the most desired grips in the skateboarding world and every serious skateshop has them in their offer. The example of Torey Pudwill and Grizzly Griptape shows that dreams do come true!
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