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El Polako is a modern clothing brand created by a group of rap music enthusiasts for whom the logo on their chests is not just clothing, but a whole lifestyle. The co-owner of the company is donGuralesko, one of the most popular young rappers in Poland. This, to a large extent, shapes the profile of the company and the target group of customers. El Polako wants to broaden its horizons and build a community around its brand which would bring together interesting, young and, most of all, very active people who are ready to dedicate themselves fully to their passion. El Polako Luxury Design, available only in the best hip-hop shops, offers stylish, urban clothing with a different message for every customer. Loose sweatshirts, T-shirts with surprising slogans, denim shorts or colourful winter hats - these are just some of the products offered by El Polako which will satisfy every hip-hop style enthusiast.