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The founder of the Darkroom brand is American designer Don Pendleton over the past 20 years, Don Pendleton has become one of the most respected and best-known skateboarding artists. He has worked with brands such as Herion, Zero, Vans, Volcom, Primitive and has designed graphics for bands such as Panish and Pearl Jam. Through his work with Alien Workshop and Element, Don has become a living icon of skate culture. Darkroom is the result of Pendleton's lifetime of work and experience. His unique style can be seen on every product, and it is worth mentioning that there are quite a few of them. These are jackets, watches, skateboards, t-shirts, grips, gloves... and many more. As of 2018, Don along with Mike Sinclair and Kevin Furtado are making sure that something really special gets under your feet.