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The North Face

The North Face was founded in the 1960s by two people. Founder Douglas Tompkins and marketing executive Keneth Klopp. The brand name itself literally translates as 'north face'. - The northern slopes of mountains are considered more inaccessible and more difficult to climb than the southern slopes. Decades later, after Douglas had become a multi-millionaire, he bought up thousands of hectares in Argentina and Chile and returned them to their rightful owner - nature. From the very beginning, the TNF brand set trends when it came to technological innovations in the outdoor industry. The brand owes its recognisability to two products: the ultra-light Ruthsack backpack and the modern tent with its spherical and aerodynamic design. The brand's slogan for almost 70 years has been "Never stop exploring" - which stands for the pursuit of perfection and breaking down human barriers. This quest for perfection gave rise to the mountain clothing lines, for example: Mountain Lite, The Expedition System or Steep Tech, which have quickly gained cult status.