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Out of concern for your satisfaction with the shoes purchased in the super-shop.com/en/, we would like to ask you to observe these principles for care and maintenance of shoes, which are listed below.


1. Do not put on or take off your shoes without unlacing them.
2. Careful lacing the shoes allow to avoid foot abrasion and early wearing out of the lining and the heel counter.
3. Avoid soaking the leather shoes. Natural leather is a heterogeneous material, whose natural feature is the ability to absorb and permeate the water. This feature ensures perfect hygiene conditions (which cannot be provided by any other material). Every wetting of the shoes has a negative influence on their look and the condition of the leather. (Washing the shoes is strictly forbidden). Even properly maitained shoes can get soaked after 20 minutes of using them in wet weather (rain or melting snow). Getting soaked is considered as the mechanical damage.
4. Soaked shoes can be properly dried only at room temperature. To avoid the deformation of shoes use shoetrees or fill shoes with paper. Never dry the shoes with hair dryers or radiators, because high temperatures may damage the leather.
5. Always use the shoes in accordance with their purpose. We would like to remind you that outdoor shoes are not appropriate for sport or climbing. They cannot be used as the working shoes.
6. Keeping the shoes clean and providing regular maintenance guarantee their durability and aesthetic appearance.
7. We recommend regular maintenance of the shoes and using proper preparations designed for particular leather types (leather type is specified on the pendant and the box). Methods of cleaning and maintaining the shoes and recommended preparations are specified below.
8. Washing in the laundry machines, high temperatures and strong detergents may cause a discoloration or even damage the shoes.
9. Inside shoe care (keeping it clean, changing the lining) is a duty of the user.
10. Shoes should be frequently ventilated. Do not wear the same pair of shoes everyday if possible, because it may get worn-out earlier.


If the purchased product is defective, customer has the right to make a complaint during the warranty period.
Defective means that the item has been made from an improper or low quality material. A defect may also be caused by using faulty technology during the production process.
Changes caused by following actions are not considered defects:

a) ordinary use of an item (for example insole or outsole abrasion, deformations resulting from wearing incorrectly fitted shoes, discoloration caused by soaking or oversweating them, mechanical damages: abrasions, cracks on the varnished surface or the leather, traces of soaking the shoes),
b) improper use of an item,
c) insufficient maintenance.

A mechanical damage is considered to be the following: destruction of the item, abrasion of heel counters caused by putting on and taking off unlaced shoes, damage of the outsole resulting from its excessive partial use (for example during driving the car) etc.
Complaint is approved if the returned item is complete and fulfils the basic hygiene rules. Customer is obliged to deliver the returned item clean and hygienically safe.
The company reserves the right to reject the returned item if it does not fulfil the basic hygienic rules.
Complaints are being considered within 14 days.

Leather type and methods of cleaning and maintenance

Aniline grain leather - To clean grimed top of the shoes use damp cloth. After drying the shoes at room temperature, coat them with a thin layer of typical wax shoe polish (in a matching colour) and leave for few minutes. Polish the shoes with a soft brush.
- Buffalo - Attention: Greasy stains (oil, grease) are impossible to remove. Other soils can be cleaned with a slightly damp soft cloth. Remember to use preparations intended for Buffalo leather only.
- Pull-up, Crazy Horse - Clean the shoes with a slightly damp cloth or a sponge, dry at room temperature and cover them evenly with a grease-based spray.
- Nubuck - Clean soiled top of the shoes with a special rubber brush. Use preparations intended for Nubuck/Velour only. Do not use shoe polish or shoe cream.
- Velour Laquer - Clean the shoes with a slightly damp cloth or a sponge, dry at room temperature and cover them with a thin layer of shoe polish or shoe cream.
- Florentique - Clean the shoes with a slightly damp cloth or a sponge, dry at room temperature and cover them with a thin layer of transparent wax shoe polish.

Important: Do not use the „self shine“ shoe polish.

We kindly inform, that the conditions for consumer complaints have been defined in the Consumer Protection Act on 30.05.2014.
Below we present the most important regulations of this act. Please treat them as an informational document. If you are going to use it for the official purpose, we advise you to use the full text of the act istead.
An evident discrepancy between the product and the sale agreement might be the basis of a claim. If the discrepancy has been discovered within 12 months from the day of purchase, it is assumed to exist at the beginning.
In case of discrepancy between the product and the sale agreement the customer has the right to demand the removal of a defect or exchange defective item. If they are impossible to provide, the customer might withdraw from a sale agreement.
The seller is not responsible for the discrepancy between the product and the sale agreement, if the customer knew about it.

Remember about the regular maintenance of your shoes.