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DGK was created in 2002 in Philadelphia by the initiative of Stevie Williams - one of the most influential skaters of all times. The name itself speaks a lot about its creator - DGK is an abbreviation of Dirty Ghetto Kids. DGK is permeated with the spirit of Philly and it gained a lot of popularity within skate and graffiti culture, especially among people going against the current, breaking all stereotypes and able to do something out of nothing. A decade later, in 2012, after winning the Team of the Year Award (of the cult Transworld magazine) DGK became famous throughout the world. The immense popularity and recognition for the brand resulted in cooperation with such brands as adidas, Alife, and even Casio. At present, DGK is on the shopping list of every person who wants to express oneself by what he/she wears and become a part of something special.

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