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Mike Olson built his first snowboard in 1977, thus giving birth to Lib Technologies. Soon he was joined by Peter Saari and this is when things kicked off! It quickly found its way to the top of the snowboarding brands and hasn’t slowed down since! Lib Tech surprises you with innovations - Banana Technology BTX (joined Rocker and Flat offer the unparalleled ease of handling with great turn initiation), Magne- Traction MTX (corrugated edge provides 7 contact points with the surface and proves to be reliable on every slope). Moreover, the company takes a strong environmental approach; since the beginning the production is based on sustainable materials and wood from renewable resources. The Lib Tech brand is a part of Merivin Manufacturing which consists of GNU, Roxy Snowboads and Bent Mental - at their American workshop each board is fine-tuned to perfection to meet the needs of professional riders and yours!