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Targeted exclusively at male board sports pros, amateurs and enthusiasts, Analog Clothing traces its history back to 1998, when founders Trevor Andrew and Keir Dillon experimented with a Burton off shoot line. But they were destined for greater things, and in 2003, launched a high-fashion street wear brand – Analog- whilst adding skate and surf teams. Catering to the board sports culture, Analog Clothing has over the years established itself as a brand flaunted by the fashion-forward crowd. Analog Clothing has an extensive line of snowboard outerwear, a variety of clothing and accessories like beanies, belts, hats, socks, towels and wallets. The brand basically provides A-Z clothing solutions for the urban and active skateboarding/snowboarding/surfing male. From trunks that grab eyeballs and jackets that are instantly recognizable by their intricate detailing and fine cuts, to premium and slim cut tees incorporating a variety of colours and graphics, the line pretty much has it all. Analog Clothing also has a neat collection of denim wear in a host of colours to suit different tastes.
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