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Supersklep × Kult Tattoo

Super-Shop and Kult Tattoo are a close-knit duo that needs no introduction to anyone!

For years we have been organizing many interesting projects together, including skateboarding competitions, snowboarding competitions, and many others. Now though, we wanted to create something special - an editorial that shows the latest trends from the world of skateboarding and streetwear, made in Kult Tattoo's new studio. In the editorial, you will find a lot of inspiration, new styles, and ideas for your skateboard or urban look!

We encourage you to take a look at the campaign, which was created thanks to our long-standing cooperation. You will find a lot of new products from the Super-Shop offer, and interesting tattoo ideas from the Kult Tattoo team. If you'd like to see our collaboration live, come to this year's Tattoofest organized by Kult Tattoo!

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photo/producer: Adam Byrczak @quoadis
analogs: Jan Laskowski @jankephoto
content manager/producer: Oskar Dąbrowski
artists: @lynx_tattoo_art, @pajak.tattoo, @patol_tattoo, @filip_port, @wade.ink, @namenramen

Special thanks: Maciek Heczko & Kult Tattoo



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