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Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)

Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)

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Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (white)
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Vans Sweatshirt Mono Fifty Fifty (black)

  • Vans Sweatshirt
  • Hood: no hood
  • Cut: crew neck
  • Color: black


  • 191.0cm/77.0kg
  • chest 102cm, waist 88cm
  • shoe size 44.5 EU
  • is wearing size L

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