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Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (ketchup red)Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (ketchup red)

Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (ketchup red)

Item ID 242358
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Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (black)Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (ketchup red)

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Quiksilver Gloves Hill Gt (ketchup red)

  • Quiksilver Gloves
  • Number of fingers: 5 finger gloves
  • Color: orange
  • Wrist protection: no
A [cm] 5,7 - 7 7 - 8,25 8,25 - 9,5 9,5 - 10,8 10,8 - 11,5


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